Joshua Nicholson

Joshua Nicholson was born and raised in Mobile, AL.

He started undergrad as a Computer Science major, but during his second year, he performed in 10 plays around town, which left no time to do his programming homework. Putting two and two together, Joshua changed majors to Theatre and focused on his passion for acting.

During undergrad, he started working as a fill-in on-air announcer/producer for a local public radio station. This led to doing voice-overs for a couple of local commercials, but his real career in VO began in grad school at Regent University. He got onto the roster of a VO production house and began steadily booking work on local, regional, and national commercials and everything else that needs a voice.

After moving to NYC in 2008, he booked acting jobs in regional and national tours, children’s theatre, regional theatre, and Off-Broadway productions, as well as TV and film work. He also began booking VO in new genres, like cartoons, video games, and audiobooks.

After marrying Desireé Rodriguez in 2017, he moved out to New Jersey, finally getting enough room to build a proper home studio. When needed, he still commutes to NYC and Philadelphia for film, TV, theatrical, and VO work.