Joshua Nicholson

Joshua is originally from Mobile, AL.

He started undergrad as a Computer Science major but switched to Theatre when he realized he was spending more time rehearsing and performing shows than programming.

While in undergrad at the University of Mobile, he started working as a fill-in on-air announcer/producer for a local public radio station. This lead to doing voice-overs for a couple of local commercials. Then, when he went to grad school at Regent University, he started doing voice-overs professionally for local commercials, national spots, and everything in between.

Joshua moved to NYC in 2008 to continue his acting endeavors. He has since gotten gigs doing a national tour, children's theatre, cartoon voice-over work, Off-Broadway shows, and loads of other crazy things.

Music is another passion for Joshua. He released an album of music for kids in 2010 and has written several other albums of music for various stage shows in which he has performed.

In 2013, he founded Essentially Awesome, Inc. with his friend, Ally Ciciriello. They are currently developing two series of storybook apps for kids. (Looks like that computer science stuff is coming in handy after all!)

Joshua currently resides in Bloomfield, NJ.